2016 Greenock Estate Sparkling Shiraz Cabernet

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Region | Barossa Valley

Alcohol | 14.5%

Color | Purple

Cellar | 2018-2028

Traditionally made with mature shiraz aged in old oak

The Sparkling Shiraz Cab displays a deep, vibrant purple colour with a lively effervescence. Its bubbles are fine and persistent, creating an inviting and celebratory visual display in the glass.

On the nose, this wine offers a captivating bouquet of dark fruits. Ripe blackberries, black cherries, and plums take centre stage, their aromas intertwining harmoniously. Adding depth to the fragrance, a subtle hint of black pepper and clove entices and intrigues.

Full-bodied wine with a rich, creamy texture that envelops the palate. The wine's effervescence introduces a refreshing and lively quality, elevating the overall drinking experience. The wine reveals its concentration and complexity with each sip, leaving a lasting impression of succulence that lingers on the palate.