Greenock Estate first new year pack


Greenock Estate is celebrating this summer and coming vintage.

For the past year, Greenock Estate provided contactless service to our loved supporters. 
For the past year, Greenock Estate provided hand sanitizers made out of our wine to the people who needed. 
For the past year, Greenock Estate invest in Gin product. 
This new year, we are very excited that we are going to provide more thrilled product, to celebrate, we are putting a very special summer pack together:

Greenock Estate  Tempranillo Montepulciano x2
Greenock Estate 8 Grace Dry White  x2
Greeock Estate  Princess Code Frontinac x2
Greenock Estate Heritage 7 Shiraz Cabernet Merlot Blend x 2
Frederick Barossa Valley Shiraz x2
Frederick Old Vine Shiraz Cabernetx2

RRP: $450.00 


Celebration Program: 

Step 1: Purchase the first new year pack.

Step 2:  Refer 2 of your friends to us, with name, and contact number. 

Step 3: We will credit $450 under your account for next purchase. and we give your free charge code for your friends.

Step 4: Your friend make purchase same pack using the codes.  Free of charge!

            Only $10 Freight all metro area, Countries $20.


Cheers for 2021!