2017 Frederick Old Vine Barossa Shiraz BLK 777




Region: Barossa Valley BLK 777

Alcohol: 14%
Palate: Full bodied
Color: Deep Black
Character: Barossa Valley Shiraz was selected for the Sieger Series of wines. Fruit from 40-year-old vines give a richness of black berries, prunes and fig. Maturation in French oak 18 months with integrated soft silky tannin.
Family vineyards, hand crafted traditional wine making methods show the care with fruit production from the vine to the bottle. Aromas of mocha & dried hydrated cherries and Black tea notes. A full- bodied Shiraz with elegant approachability and enjoyment.
Serve: 16°C - 18°C
Cellar: 2 – 8 years